Under the framework of the Direct Protection of Fan Violence project, CHC observers monitored the games of the 15th Round of the Croatian Telecom First League, and based on direct insight and collected data recorded the following events.


The match of the 15th Round of the Croatian Telecom First League was played at Zaprešić Stadium on Friday, November 3, 2017 at 18:00 hrs, with a turnout of a mere 400 spectators, of which thirty or so were members of the Kohorta (NK Osijek fan club). The match progressed in a sportsmanlike spirit without fan outbursts.


The match between Hajduk – Rudeš was played on Saturday, November 4, 2017 at Poljud Stadium in Split before 6500 spectators, of which about 2500 were members of Torcida (HNK Hajduk fan club), who were situated on the northern stands, and about 20 members of the Rudeš Boys (NK Rudeš fan club) on the southern stands. As an introduction before the start of the game, Torcida displayed a large number of banners across the entire northern stands as an expression of their dissatisfaction with the state of the club – primarily with how the team is playing and the club’s management:
– You justify nonchalant and catastrophic games with statements like “We must be braver”, “Should have done better” and then back to the old ways again!
– “A step up for faggots – Hajduk for warriors! Things will get better”
– “When you play a derby, you don’t leave your courage at home!”
– “9 minutes of silence for -9 points on the scoreboard!”
– “Things will get better?! Kos (President of Hajduk’s Management) 10.06.2016: “I cannot accept the fact that 3rd place is satisfactory. This is not acceptable for me and I must bring champions into the club” 04.11.2017 – Taking responsibility for failure?
– “Too much theory, too little action!”
– “Šalinović (Member of Hajduk’s Supervisory Board), is that THIS year…?! Or the following year?”
– “Enough PR crap and demagogy”

In line with the message on the banner, Torcida remained silent for the first 10 minutes of the game, after which it began its organised cheering. In the 57th min Torcida chants “CFF faggots” and “Fuck you Mamić” in the 58th min.
In the 59th min they begin singing their song “The northern stands send their regards. You still live on in our hearts. For all your acts of courage with all our hearts we thank you. Blato, all of Torca will remember you!” after which they put on a flare show.
In the first wave between the 61st and 63rd min, they lit about 25 bengal signal flares, 1 smoke signal flare, and threw a bomb explosive. 5 bengal flares were thrown onto the field and so the referee paused the game in the 62nd min for a duration of 2 min.
In the 64th min 2 more bengal flares were lit, and in the 65th they chanted “Blažević Ivan” in honour of their deceased member and the only one charged for the attack on referee Marić.
In the 66th min Torcida lights another 5 bengal flares, one of which they throw onto the field again. After Rudeš tied the score, Torcida chants to their players, “Play you pussies” (69th), “You’ll get a beating” (70th), and “You motherfuckers” (71st).
In the 73rd min the eastern stands chant “Management, leave”, while Torcida overpowers them in chanting “Play you pussies”.
From the 74th-77th min Torcida chants “Shame on you Hajduk”. In the 79th min they again chant “You motherfuckers”, in the 80th “Play you pussies”, and in the 82nd “You’ll get a beating”. They repeat “Play you pussies” again in the 85th and 88th min. In the 89th min the entire stadium applauds for Rudeš after it gave its victorious goal. In the 90th minute, the eastern stands and most of the northern stands begin chanting “Management, leave”.
At the end of the game Torcida forced Hajduk players to come to the bottom of the northern stands with their chanting of “Come on over”. After their initial individual insults and offenses they begin chanting “Take off your jerseys”, and when the players didn’t do so they began spitting and throwing various objects at them. This was followed by the breaking and hurling of chairs on the northern stands, and Hajduk player Tudor was hit with a lighter. While the players were leaving, Torcida threatened them with the chant “You’ll get a beating”.
Hajduk players were escorted from the changerooms to their homes by representatives of the Ministry of the Interior. The police detained 8 fans.

Note: CHC observers were once again denied tickets to perform their professional duty as monitors in the protected part of the stadium, which would suit a 100% disabled person. This is merely a continuation of the hooligan-like conduct of the President of Hajduk’s Management – Ivan Kos, the self-proclaimed expert on “verbal delicts”, who is unsatisfied with the content of our reports. It is only a step from this type of hooliganism to an attempt at a physical confrontation in the loggias, as we witnessed at the Hajduk-Dinamo game two weeks ago. The events at the Hajduk-Rudeš game corroborate the historical truth that every stick has two ends.


The match of the 15th Round of the Croatian Telecom First League was played on Sunday, November 5, 2017 at 15:00 hrs at Kranjčevićeva Street Stadium in Zagreb before close to 1000 spectators, with a prominent group of over 150 Armada members (HNK Rijeka fan club).
In terms of cheering, the game progressed in a fair atmosphere for the most part, save for several occasions when the Armada stepped out of this tone with their vulgar chants. And so in the 18th and 27th min they began with their “Purger pussies”, followed by “CFF faggots you screwed up football” in the 31st, and the repeated chanting of “Fuck you Mamić” (to the referees as well) in the 26th, 41st, 63rd and 72nd minutes. The insults escalated in the 67th min with the entry of Mario Gavranović (HNK Rijeka) into the game when for several minutes they determinedly sang “…Gavranović, you Purger pussy”, then after a slight pause repeat again “…Mario, Mario, you Purger piece of shit”, all due to his alleged transfer into Dinamo.


The match of the 15th Round of the Croatian Telecom First League was played on Sunday at 19:00 hrs at the City Stadium in Koprivnica before about 2500 spectators. Of the spectators, a group of 400-500 Bad Blue Boys (GNK Dinamo fan club) were especially prominent, who repeatedly insulted former club director Zdravko Mamić. Along with their usual chants “Zdravko Mamić, war profiteer” and “That day will come, the junkie will fuck off”, they also repeatedly sang/chanted for several minutes “Zdravko Mamić, you Serbian bastard”. At the end of the first half we also heard “For the homeland and for our Dinamo”.
In the middle of the first half (24th min), the first pyromaniac outburst began, and a bengal flare was thrown onto the field, while another remained lit among the BBB, along with the shooting of a firecracker. A much larger pyromaniac show ensued in the 73rd min when several bengal flares were lit amongst the fans themselves, followed by eight (8) that were thrown onto the field amidst the players, including several more signal flares that were thrown over the gate by the very edge of the playing field. At the same time we also heard “Mamić, Gypsy, leave the holy shrine”. The official announcer reacted on both occasions and asked Dinamo fans to refrain from throwing pyrotechnical devices.

For the CHC:

Ivan Zvonimir Čičak