Under the framework of the Direct Protection of Fan Violence project, CHC observers monitored the games of the 4th Round of the Croatian Telecom First CFL, and based on direct insight and collected data recorded the following events.


The match between GNK Dinamo – HNK Hajduk was played on August 6, 2017 at Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb. About 12,000 spectators attended the game, of which close to 3000 were members of the Bad Blue Boys (BBB – GNK Dinamo fan club), and 2500 members of the Torcida fan club (HNK Hajduk). Due to rigorous controls, members of Torcida and the Bad Blue Boys were entering the stadium up to the beginning of the second half. Torcida hung Croatian Army war flags on its side of the stadium in the 22nd minute, and the whole game was charged with a feisty nationalistic, and sometimes even chauvinistic atmosphere. This was probably related to the fact that the day before was Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day where even the smaller and politically more rigid groups contributed in a similar vein to this significant date in Croatian history.
Already in the 3rd minute, the BBB chanted “Mamić, Gypsy” on multiple occasions, and in the 22nd minute Torcida takes out a flag with military insignia from the units: Spiders, Mustelines, Tigers, HOS, and the 5th HV Guard, and activated flashing lights.

In the 30th minute, the BBB shout out “Tovar pussies” and “Kill, kill the Tovars”, to which the Torcida retort with “Purger pussies”. This interchange of “compliments” continued for several minutes.
In the 35th minute, Torcida responds with “I hate Dinamo, I hate Dinamo, that Serbian name”.
In the 58th minute, the BBB chant “Kill, kill the Serbs”, followed by the “song” – “We Croats do not drink wine but the blood of Serbs from Knin”.
In the 62nd minute, Torcida chants “CFF mafia, it’s over, it’s over”, and then in the 64th minute throw 24 flares onto the tartan track, and one onto the playing field.
The official speaker warns the fans of the unlawfulness of such conduct, and Torcida responds by lighting 4 smoke bombs and chanting “Purger pussies”.
In the 75th minute, the BBB activate a large number of bomb explosives, a dozen flares of which 4 fall onto the grass, and a large number of flashing lights on the stands. The speaker again warns that legal measures will be applied if such a manner of cheering does not stop.
In the 82nd minute, Torcida sets fire to the banners and posters on its side of the stadium and chants “Kill, kill the Purgers” and “Purger pussies”. The fans positioned on the western and eastern stands react to the burning banners by chanting “Gypsies, Gypsies”. The Intervention Police and Firefighters enter the southern stands in order to put out the burning placards.
In the 87th minute, the BBB chant “Tovar pussies” and “Kill, kill the Tovars”.
In the 92nd minute, firefighters intervene on the northern stands where the BBB are positioned.


The match was held on August 7, 2017 at City Garden Stadium in Osijek before about 5500 spectators, of which about 500 were members of the Kohorta (NK Osijek fan club) and 70 members of the Armada (HNK Rijeka fan club).
Despite the fact that the game was played in a highly nationalistic atmosphere given the date it took place, there was no particular conduct which would disrupt the civilised atmosphere and cheering at the stadium.

For the Croatian Helsinki Committee

Ivan Zvonimir Čičak