Under the framework of the Direct Protection of Fan Violence project, CHC observers monitored the games of the 8th Round of the Croatian Telecom First CFL, and based on direct insight and collected data recorded the following events.


The derby of the 8th Round of the HT First League was played at City Garden Stadium in Osijek on Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 19:00 hrs. There were 8500 spectators at the game, of which over 1000 were members of the Kohorta (NK Osijek fan club), and about 800 members of Torcida (HNK Hajduk fan club). We were unfortunately witness once again to the inappropriate conduct of the fan clubs – primarily by the Torcida, but also the Bad Blue Boys (BBB).
The incidents began even before the beginning of the match in Vukovar and Vinkovci, where a conflict arose between members of the Torcida and BBB fan clubs before the game.
The Police have a recording from which it is evident that a total of about 40 people participated in the brawl in Vukovar. Certain individuals were armed with baseball bats, masked hoods and hats.
The Police have in line with their investigation arrested 24 people so far – 24 in Vukovar and 6 in Vinkovci. Two individuals sought medical attention. However, that was not the end of it.
According to the report from the game’s delegate released to the media about 15 minutes before the start of the match, a group of Torcida members began rocking a ticket-selling booth because they were angered at the slow pace of the ticket sales. Security guards thus intervened, of which two sustained injuries (one a female), while a group of about 30 hooligans from Split broke into the northern stands, claims the delegate.
The Ministry of the Interior says that no one, not even the security guards, reported the incident or the injury of the guards. The security service also confirms that none of their employees were injured or sought medical attention. Only one minor was taken into custody and is currently undergoing investigation.
The fans participated in the game with their usual shouts and chanting. At this game, Torcida applied the “Đapić Theorem” by displaying a large flag with insignia of the Croatian Defence Forces (HOS) and the words “For the Homeland Ready”. They obviously favoured the message of politician Đapić that no one must touch that slogan on HOS emblems, over the statement by Prime Minister Plenković who claims the slogan is unacceptable. They also displayed a poster with the picture of Marko Skejo, HOS leader.
Furthermore, Torcida hung several more banners showing cross-out heads, but our observers could not discern whose portraits they were.
There was no reaction from any officials.
In the meantime, both fan groups “complimented” each other with the usual repertoire of insults. In the 14th and 58th minute, the Kohorta chanted “Tovar pussies”, while Torcida retorted with “Osijek pussies” in the 28th, 29th, 81st, and 90th minute, as well as in overtime (90 +). In the 15th and 90th minute, the Kohorta chant “Stomp on, stomp on Tovars”, and in the 31st and 60th minute “sing” “Fuck you, fuck you, Split…”
In the 29th minute the Torcida remembered Zdravko Mamić and shouted “Fuck you Mamić” to the referees, in the 71st minute they chanted “CFF faggots you screwed up football”, and concluded their verbal outbursts in the 90th minute by chanting “Gypsies, Gypsies”.
The derby also did not lack the use of pyrotechnical devices. It started with Torcida in the 50th minute with the activation of flashing lights, then the lighting of a smoke box, and the activation of a flammable substance. In the 61st minute, they first light 5 flares, followed by 2 more, and throw 3 over the gate onto the tartan track towards the security guards. They also lit another smoke box.
The Kohorta lit 4-5 bengal flares from its arsenal, then another 2, and threw 1 onto the tartan track. The official commentator warned members of both groups against the use of pyrotechnical devices.


The match between GNK Dinamo – Rudeš was played in Zagreb on September 10, 2017 at Maksimir Stadium before about 2100 spectators, of which there were roughly 300 members of the GNK Dinamo fan club – Bad Blue Boys (BBB).
At this game, too, the BBB focused their attention on Zdravko Mamić, sending him insulting and threatening messages.
In the 19th minute they chant “Mamić, Gypsy, leave the holy shrine” and “Fuck you Mamić” (45th minute), while from the 47-50 minute they shout out “Zdravko Mamić, you Serbian bastard…” At that time they also sing “We drank wormwood, we smoked weed, we like Mamić best without his head”. Towards the end of the match in the 80-90-minute range, they light several flares and activate a cannon explosion. One flare was thrown onto the playing field. In the 84th minute they send a new message to Zdravko Mamić, “…let the flare show you how you’ll burn, you devil”, followed by “Mamić, Gypsy, leave the holy shrine” again in the 86th minute.


The match between HNK Rijeka – Cibalia was played in Rijeka on September 9, 2017, at Rujevica Stadium in front of 5000 spectators, of which there were over 1000 members of the Armada (HNK Rijeka fan club), and 30 or so members of the Ultras (NK Cibalia), who were as usual positioned in the “cage” for guest fans.
In the 21st minute, 3 flares were lit on a plateau outside the stands and stadium gates in honour of the tragically deceased Darko Brkić – member of the Armada fan club.
In the 21st minute, the Armada begin chanting “Purgers, Tovars – get out”, and repeat it several times.
In the 57th minute, the Armada chants “Fuck you Mamić” and “CFF faggots, you screwed up football”, which was accompanied by protests from the fans on the eastern and western stands. In the 71st minute, a chair was set on fire on the northern stands where members of the Armada fan club were situated.

For the Croatian Helsinki Committee

Ivan Zvonimir Čičak